FTL transport

FTL, or Full Truck Load is full or full truck load. In such transport, the load covers the entire surface of the truck. It usually consists of 10 or more pallets. The goods are loaded only once and unloaded in the warehouse. In cases where the load is smaller but there is an increased risk of damage, this type of transport is also used because it does not require unloading during transit. FTL transport is also selected when the goods have one pickup place and one delivery address, when an accelerated delivery time is necessary or when the total weight of the load makes FTL transport more profitable than LTL, because in this transport you pay the entire rent truck.

For packaging of goods during full truck loads, the predominance of pallets, cardboard or plastic containers and crates is used. When choosing pallets, it is very important to evenly distribute their weight so that the goods are not damaged.