Our company deals with domestic and international transport. We provide services in the field of FTL, LTL, loose, oversized, low-loader transport, uncovered semi-trailer transport, pallet transport to Germany, container transport, and provide forwarding and logistics services. We also transport waste in our country, as well as in Germany and the Netherlands. In addition, we offer large warehouse spaces for rent.

Yes. Our company offers services in the field of oversized and low-loader transport.

The tipper is a semi-trailer that allows the transport of loose materials such as grain, gravel, vegetables, fruit, fertilizers, etc. It is a type of self-unloading semi-trailer – to unload transported goods it is tilted backwards or to the side. Dump trucks are necessary at every construction site and in transport companies.

GMP + B4 is a document confirming the possibility of transporting feed and cereal products in road transport. This certificate is required by companies exporting grain and feed to western countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain.

The GMP + Feed Certification scheme was initiated by the Dutch feed industry in 1992. Over time, it developed into an international management system by GMP + International in cooperation with many interested countries.

In order to obtain the GMP + B4 certificate, one should obtain from the Poviat Veterinary Officer permission to supervise and assign an alpha number. You also need to undergo appropriate training. A certified company is required to comply with specific rules regarding the cleanliness of semi-trailers and holds. The document is issued for three years.

ADR is the “European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods.” The agreement defines dangerous goods that threaten the environment or health. ADR regulations are amended in a two-year cycle, always at the beginning of the odd year. In Poland, the transport of such materials is only permitted by authorized persons who are at least 21 years old, meet the requirements of the Road Transport and Road Traffic Act, as well as have completed ADR training and have passed the final exam. In countries covered by the ADR Convention, cars carrying hazardous substances must be marked with the appropriate ADR plates.

We transport various types of goods. Depending on your needs, we are able to organize the transport of materials: groupage packages and cartons, loose: grain, gravel, fertilizer, vegetables, fruit, aggregate, neutral loads on pallets, steel and concrete structures, construction machinery, containers, and many more.

An oversized load is a load that:

  • the length exceeds 13.60 m,
  • width exceeds 2.50 m,
  • height exceeds 3-3.5 m.

The transport of oversized cargo requires special permits.

Cabotage or cabotage is the transport of goods between two points within the same country, using a vehicle that is registered in another country. An example would be cargo transported by a Polish company from Magdeburg to Dortmund, which is cabotage in Germany.

Truck Transport Waldemar Głuszko has a GMP + B4 certificate, entry to BDO, licenses for the transport of waste in Germany and the Netherlands (NIWO) and a permanent permit for the transport of oversized loads throughout Europe.

A transport inquiry can be sent using the contact form on our website or contacted by e-mail or phone.

Yes. Our company deals in both domestic and international transport.

Advising is complete information about the date and time of loading and delivery of goods. It allows efficient flow of information on planned and currently implemented deliveries. Notification also allows you to avoid queues or unnecessary stops in the company.

Our company offers a large selection of semi-trailers. Our fleet consists of dump trucks with a capacity of 38 m³ – 55 m³, strip-type dump semi-trailers, movable floors 92 m³, uncovered platforms 13.6 m, semi-trailers low type semi, platforms extended up to 21 m, curtainsider / tarpaulin 13.6 m and Tiefbett low loader semi-trailers.

33 standard Euro 1200 x 800 mm pallets can be loaded onto a standard tarpaulin / curtain semi-trailer.

The moving floor is a semi-trailer with slats for unloading goods. It is used to transport loose materials, goods in “big bags” or goods on pallets.

Each load entrusted to us by you is insured. In the event of damage to the goods or semi-trailer, you should immediately report this incident to the forwarder. Then you should write down a damage report – a detailed description of the course of the event, including the type and quantity of the item that has been damaged. An important element when preparing the report is to include information about the creation of such a document and a short message about damage. In addition, photographs must be taken of the damages.

A transport order is an agreement concluded between the company ordering the transport and the carrier to deliver the goods within a specified time from point A to point B.

The transport order should contain, among others legal grounds specifying the rights, obligations and liability of the client and the carrier drawn up on the basis of the CMR Convention and transport law. In addition, the order must include information about the rate at which both parties agreed.

Yes. The company Transport Ciężarowy Waldemar Głuszko comprehensively deals with the organization of required documents for the transport of oversized cargo.

BDO is a Waste Database, i.e. a collection of data on products, packaging and waste management. The register enables the collection of information on waste, provides electronic registration and records. The obligation to enter into the BDO applies to entrepreneurs who produce, introduce or produce waste, products in plastic packaging, vehicles, tires, oils.

The abbreviation FTL (Full Truck Load) means full truck load, i.e. the load covering the entire semi-trailer. Whereas LTL (Less Than Truckload) is a partial truck loading.

Depending on the weight of the goods and the pallets themselves, a maximum of 8-12 euro pallets with dimensions of 1200 mm x 800 mm can be loaded.

Incoterms are international Trade Rules. It is a set of rules defining the conditions of sale. These standards divide costs and responsibility between the buyer and seller and reflect the type of transport agreed.

Our fleet is equipped with the latest GPS communication system, which allows you to constantly control the position of the vehicle with loading.

The term “FIX” refers to the loading or delivery of goods for a specific time. This avoids stagnation in the production processes of the company to which the goods are delivered.

Yes, our company deals with waste transport. We are registered in the Waste Database, thanks to which we have the opportunity to transport waste to Poland. In addition, we also have permission to transport waste in Germany (KrWG) and the Netherlands (NIWO).

No. An oversize permit is required only if the dimensions of the oversized vehicle are larger than the permissible standards in a given country.

These are low-loader semi-trailers used to transport oversized loads. The Semi is about 90 cm high and the Tiefbett about 50 cm.

Telemega and Telesattel are semi-trailers with the possibility of extending the loading area. Telemega up to 21 m and Telesattel over 21 m. The Telesattel semi-trailer has additional axles.

Steel constructions differ in shape and size, so also the method of transport will be different. The construction is usually transported using standard tarpaulins, curtains or a platform. You should also remember about their proper protection.

The concrete structure can be transported using a platform.

Construction machinery or an excavator can be transported using a low loader semi-trailer.

The CMR Convention is a legal regulation regarding the international commercial transport of goods by road. It is a requirement that the country of origin or destination should be a party to the Convention. This agreement applies only to transport operations based on a contract of carriage with articulated vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. The confirmation of the contract is a waybill, issued in three identical copies.