Oversized transport

We offer oversized transport, which includes goods exceeding its size and weight, legally permitted standards for vehicles traveling on the road. If the load exceeds the dimensions of a standard semi-trailer (13.6 m long x 2.48 m wide x 3.0 m high) and its weight is 24 / 25T, then it can be qualified to oversize.

Our company has extensive experience in the implementation of oversized transport, so we can choose the right truck so that the load is safe, efficiently plan the entire route along with all formalities and permits, and organize the loading and unloading of goods. Our qualified logistics experts play an important role here. It is they who plan the transport in an optimal and safe way, taking into account all permissible norms included in road traffic regulations, and arranging the appropriate permits and insurance. The company Transport Ciężarowy Waldemar Głuszko deals with the transport of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, transport of long elements, transport oversized from Germany etc.